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Dr. Friedman strives to help the less fortunate around the world.  He is a surgeon for the  Global Surgical Outreach; he performs surgery on children pro bono to give them a better life. Here is the Global Surgical Outreach's mission statement:

"The primary mission of Global Surgical Outreach is to provide pro bono reconstructive surgery for children in the less developed world with facial deformities. Most of our patients were born with cleft lip palate deformities, but we also reconstruct children who have suffered injury from war and other forms of violence. "

Here is the Global Outreach's website: Global Surgical Outreach's Website



Dr. Friedman is also involved with another organization called, "Smile China." He performs pro bono surgery on less forturne children from the Republic of China. Here is Smile China's mission statement:

"The Smile China Project is a Canadian registered charitable organization (registered number 88924 5809 RR0001). It was founded by renowned facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Joseph K. Wong.

The primary objective of the Smile China Project is to provide specialized surgical, medical and health care services to children affected with facial deformities in poor developing areas within the People's Republic of China.

The Smile China Project offers to these children hope of a better life. It acts as a bridge to a loving world for these children filled with opportunities to lead a healthy and happy life. The change in the self-esteem and self-confidence of a child who has had a cleft repaired is immeasurable. After years of shame and isolation, these children are transformed - like a beautiful butterfly coming out of its cocoon - into outgoing, ambitious and confident individuals.

It may only be a cleft repair, but it restores a child's life. It may only be a smile, but its one filled with hope and dignity."

Here is Smile China's website: Smile China Website



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