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Zagat 2011 Philadelphia Restaurants (Zagat Survey Philadelphia Restaurants)

Zagat is a guide that puts restaurant customers at the helm of rating their dinning experience. It is a collective voice for customers to voice their recommendations about restaurants.  You can use this guide by searching the name of a cuisine, feature, restaurant name, and much more. Find the best restaurants in Philadelphia with your favorite preferences. They also have an app for smart phones that enables access to the Zagat guide.
OpenTable is a website that offers free, real-time online reservations for restaurants. It is an easy way to access Philadelphia’s restaurants to make reservations. They also have an app for smart phones that will allow you to make or cancel reservations.
Here are some of our recommendations:
Mark Ventri owns Ventri restaurants including Vetri, Osteria, Alla Spina, and Amis. Ventri has been exclaimed by Bon Appétit Magazine as “probably the best Italian restaurant in America.” It is also been praised as one of the top 50 restaurants by Gourmet magazine. Revel in the tastes of delectable Italian cuisine in Philadelphia.
Starr restaurants including Alma de Cuba, Buddakan, the Continental, El Vez, Jones, Morimoto, POD, Butcher and Singer, Barclay Prime, Continental Mid-Town, Parc, Pizzeria Stella, El Rey, the Dandelion, Square Burger, Talula’s Garden, Frankford Hall, il Pitore, and Route 6 are owned by Stephen Starr. Stephen Starr has opened many restaurants in Philadelphia, New York City, Atlantic City, and in Florida. Starr restaurants offer impeccable menus and dining experiences that rank as one the best in the city. The restaurants have diverse menus and culturally inspired food. Starr restaurants are very popular in Philadelphia for their unique atmosphere and scrumptious dishes.
Philadelphia is home to many celebrity chefs. Jose Garces owns a number of restaurants with wonderful and varied Latin-inspired menus. Among them are Amada Distrito, Tinto, Chifa, Village Whiskey, Garces Trading Company, JG Domestic, and Mercat. He is a Food Network Iron Chef of America.


Daniel Stern is a chef/owner of great restaurants in Philadelphia.  MidAtlantic and R2L are resturants that take you out of the everyday downtown experience. They are restuarants that offer both an experience and delectable food combinations. Let your pallete savor the Stern’s delightful dishes.


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